Easy Rider

[Hey, You!] Sorry you don't have wheels, but please don't like my lift . . .

Box Brown


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You're the guy who stole my Charger in front of Norms in Anaheim back in October. Thanks for taking off with it as I was walking out of the restaurant and making me try to chase you down to no avail—after all, it's a fast car. Well, I just wanted you to know I finally got my car back after you dumped it in Compton. Now, thanks to my friendly insurance company, it's in better shape than when you stole it. I also appreciate you stealing the Buddhist prayer beads I had in there because I now know you are karmically fucked, which is going to be a lot of fun for you. And by the way, LoJack has been put back on her, so please, do come again any time.