The Real Todd Spitzer Stands Up

[Moxley Confidential] Orange County's potential next district attorney makes a surprising confession in his eternal war against DA Tony Rackauckas and GOP power couple Susan and Mike Schroeder

"But I know you met with Susan, too, at a Starbucks," I said.

Spitzer conceded the rendezvous, claiming he was curious to explore a chance for peace. Unlike Schroeder, he says, he doesn't believe in "nonstop, take-no-prisoners" personal warfare. In his view, public employees should solve problems—not use their positions to settle personal scores.

"Here's the bottom line," said Spitzer. "If they told me I could go back [to the DA's office] today, I'd be there in a heartbeat. I love that office—I really love it. Plenty of prosecutors have left and become defense lawyers. That's not for me. I can't do that. I'm a prosecutor at heart. It's in my blood, and I'm not going to lie: I want to be DA."

Miguel Vasconcellos


It wasn't easy for Spitzer to come clean. He's an ambitious politician with undeniable skills, and anti-Rackauckas/anti-Schroeder forces desperately have wanted him as their unblemished warrior. To that crowd, his periodic dalliances with the Schroeders and Rackauckas understandably cause suspicion, if not outright alienation.

But Spitzer's startling admission that he'd gladly return to the Rackauckas regime he has helped to taint is also oddly freeing. He no longer has to pretend he's perfect, and he can blame a vicious, booby-trapped environment. In his mind, self-protective maneuverings—the infamous flip-flops—are necessary if he's ever going to become the excellent DA he foresees.

Afterward, I asked Schroeder to play for me Spitzer's incriminating voice-mail message to Rackauckas.

"We don't have it," she said. "It was erased. I wanted Todd to think we'd kept it so that he'd be honest with you."

This column appeared in print as "The Real Todd Spitzer Stands Up: Orange County's potential next district attorney makes a surprising confession."

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How old are these people? Saving voicemails, secret meetings, namecalling; Reese Witherspoon's character in "Election" comes to mind. We all worry about providing for our families. Too many Americans have lost their "dream jobs" due to disability, economic downturns, outsourcing, etc. Few are able to hold out for that perfect job. The "public servants" in this story are determined to do exactly that.


So Spitzer is willing to be an adult, turn the other cheek and you're lambasting him for it? That makes no sense! In the short time he was in the DA's office, Spitzer uncovered a massive corruption scandal--one that had been left untouched because it involved the DA's girlfriend.

From what I've heard about Spitzer, it's pretty clear that he's passionate about public safety. So much so that he was willing to swallow his pride and work for someone personally he might not like, just so that professionally he could fight for the rights of crime victims.

It's clear to me this is a one-sided vendetta. Spitzer seems more than willing to bury the hatchet to get things done. It's the vindictiveness and pettiness of TRack and Schroeder that are keeping this feud alive.

I don't know about you, but I'd rather have someone like Spitzer who is willing to end the feud than someone like TRack or Schroeder who wants to perpetuate it.

I'm sure if/when Todd becomes Supervisor he won't use his position to exact a vendetta against Schroeder and TRack. Too bad those two can't say the same.

As taxpayers, we should all be ashamed by the childish and petty behavior coming from elected officials like TRack.


This d-bag's lack of shame and megalomaniacal personality never cease to amaze. That Americans would ever elect a drooling narcissist like this is even more discouraging. You would expect something like this in the hills of Kentucky or Mississippi but OC?

Why won't this Spitzer clown just go away.

Ethan Davis
Ethan Davis

I think Tony Rackauckas has Todd's number pretty well, I have been in the court room with Spitzer. GOD help the people of Orange County if he ever becomes DA. Todd Spitzers engines are powered by his thirst for the blood of the corpses of his enemy's and his enemy's are anyone that does not fall in-line with the rest of his CULT followers.

He was an ineffective Assemblyman and an even worse County Supervisor. His votes on the Board of Supervisors can be blamed for just about everything that is wrong in Orange County today.

I wonder why the Republican Party can't find a decent candidate for that BOS seat.

Is it really that people are afraid of that pile of cash he has extorted from those thugs running the government employee unions.

If Todd is not forced to spend that money in this cycle, we will be begging "District Attorney Spitzer" for mercy in 2 years.



Remember - small minds talk about other people Todd. Please rise above your past and start showing the people that you can work for them, have ideas and lead like a noble DA, not thrive on pettiness and childish backtalk. Do something for someone else and seek no glory. Just to prove it to yourself that you can actually do it.

Mary Jane Doe
Mary Jane Doe

Yes, Anteater2004. I agree. It's called diplomacy. Learn to read between the lines people. TRack is completely corrupt (Carona buddy) and threw Todd under the bus. At least Todd is out there fighting hard for the right's of victims. I don't see anybody else at OCDA doing that.

Mary Jane Doe
Mary Jane Doe

Well, this so called "d-bag" has co-authored three bills for victim's rights. Yeah, I hate it when people in power stand up and fight for victims of crime. (Serious layer of sarcasm here.)


God help the people of OC if Susan becomes DA as planned. Tony wins another term then after 2 years appoints her as DA. She must be stopped!

Mary Jane Doe
Mary Jane Doe

Please, a cult? That is absolutely ridiculous. And singularly blaming his votes for just about everything that's wrong with the County is complete nonsense.

Look at who he's up against. TRack. I wouldn't trust that slimey man with anything.

And, I'll take a bloodthirsty prosecutor going after violent criminals who victimize innocent people any day over the bunch of corrupt, inefficient pussies that are at the OCDA now.