Binary Star

House of Blues

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House of Blues Anaheim

1530 S. Disneyland Drive
Anaheim, CA 92802

Category: Music Venues

Region: Anaheim

As America’s automotive conglomerates exited the 1960s, so too did jobs and prosperity in the Midwestern rust belt. Pontiac, Michigan’s One Be Lo (one half of this night's headliner, Binary Star) is an advocate for that forgotten demographic. Peep 2005’s great S.O.N.O.G.R.A.M., a spiritually charged conflagration of anger, despair and quiet hope. Sewn together with a flow so crisp and precise it’s flabbergasting, songs like “Born & Raised” cast attention on the sullied banks of Lake Erie. Although One Be Lo is well-traveled (one of his more prized collaborators is Jake One from Seattle), his best work is the distinctly Michiganian Masters of the Universe, a blue-collar manifesto penciled in collaboration with Binary Star co-founder Senim Silla.
Tue., Dec. 20, 7 p.m., 2011