[Hey, You!] Emotionally tormenting someone with a terminal illness? This column has hit a new low

Marla Campbell


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A dying woman deserves her last request: for you to come clean. A mutual friend introduced us, and I was instantly smitten. Not long after, you yelled at me in public and upset me so much I swore I was done with guys forever. When I ran into you last spring, you addressed me first and seemed more than interested. I was stupid to assume you'd matured. You chose to spread a vicious rumor, and now I am no longer able to go out without being harassed. Because of my illness, going out has been challenging. I have done you no harm, yet you are ruining the time I have left.

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Mary Jane Doe
Mary Jane Doe

It sounds like she has a terminal illness and some douche bag was verbally abusive and spread false rumors about her making her life even more difficult than it already is. It doesn't seem too hard too figure out. And now someone is actualy flaming her. Real nice. I'm a cancer survivor. You never know what people have gone through in their lives. Try having a little empathy for your fellow human being. You made may need some yourself someday.


so are you like on the medical marijuana because you don't make too much sense....hold on....wwwheeeewwwww..... ok, Im back, hey got any frito's dude, ok.. so like are you blowin maryjane and then hitting the bong...wait hold on..........wheeeew.......ok Im back, dude, pick up some seeds and some smokes ok...ok Im back... so are you like dying right now as we ....hold on...wheewww......dude, where did you get this stuff......


Really, WHF has this column become?

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