The Occupy Movement's Urban Struggle

While Irvine's is City Council-approved, Santa Ana's encounters resistance

After other members offered condescending lectures on the power of voting and responsible demonstration, the council suggested discussing the issue at future meetings. As they carried on with other business, 18-year-old Nicholas Dorsey approached the microphone and shouted, "We can't wait two weeks for you guys to make a decision. Just remember: We voted for you. We won't make that mistake again."

Two police officers quickly descended on him as council members beat a hasty retreat from the room. Dorsey turned to one of the cops and said, "You're the 99 percent, too," to which the officer brusquely replied, "That's fine; have a good night." He then dismissed Dorsey with a wave of his hand.

Kevin Liu
Kevin Liu

This article appeared in print as "Urban Struggle: While the Occupy movement in Irvine is city council-approved, Santa Ana's encounters resistance."

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