[Hey, You!] Breaking up by text? WTF?

Marla Campbell


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You were the one who, in the beginning of our relationship, stated that too many people were addicted to their "technical devices," and as a result, people these days didn't know how to talk to each other face to face. When I told you that a past boyfriend broke up with me via email, you were mortified. Funny that after a minor argument the other day, you refused to talk to me for three days, and then finally decided to end the relationship via text after two years. Well, old man, looks like you caught up with the times—weak, insecure, cruel, controlling douchebag. Please mail my hiking shoes and swimsuit to me if you can manage it. By the way, running over your rosebush was honestly an accident, but now I'm glad I did.

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So you can't drive either? He's betta off.


Good lord, they're called "accidents" for a reason you jerk! I suppose your driving record is perfect, eh? And since when did being a bad driver automatically make a person a romantically undesirable human being anyway?

Bill T.
Bill T.

People tend to believe that others are more like them than is true sometimes. He would have run over the rose intentionally, and worse probably, so he projects the same motivation into his perceptions of Betta Oph's description. I really wanted to get seriously derogatory (I consider "jerk" to be mild, I qualify in an uncomfortable proportion of the time) about Al but deleted the comment, I am trying to keep my posts civil. But it would have felt so good ...

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