David Whiting: The Register's New Bootlicker

[Moxley Confidential] Gordon Dillow may have left the building, but his cop-loving spirit lives on

According to Whiting, the real story still isn't about police brutality, but rather "loud, bombastic leaders" who "spew vitriol" against the three city councilmen—Dick Jones, Pat McKinley and Don Bankhead—who defended the tainted cops and pretended the Thomas murder wasn't alarming. Jones, McKinley and Bankhead wear the white hats in Whiting's mind, while the troublemakers are Bushala and KFI's John and Ken, who've refused to let Fullerton PD bury the story and want the council trio recalled.

"Perhaps we've heard enough of their grandstanding," he proclaimed in an Oct. 20 column.

Encouraging public contempt for the real heroes in a major government scandal is, well, contemptible. "I've received phone calls and hundreds of emails, many supportive and many others filled with obscenity-laced anger," Whiting wrote. "A voice message last week called me a limp-wristed, wannabe tough guy, bootlicking fascist. My wife assures me I'm no fascist."

Patrick O'Connor


Misplaced humor over a sickening fatality might delight the PD boys. But it helps underscore the fact the Register has found a new bootlicker—ironically, the very man who once lovingly edited Dillow's columns. Listen carefully, and you might just hear the sound of someone engraving a new name on a "Humanitarian of the Year" police plaque.

This column appeared in print as "The Orange County Register's New Bootlicker: Columnist David Whiting's Kelly Thomas coverage proves Gordon Dillow, his shameless predecessor, never really left the building."

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