[Hey, You!] The mistress of bad management

Marla Campbell


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Lady, you claim to be our manager? By manager, you seem to mean being in a good place yourself while the rest of us work like dogs. You help your pet employee (i.e., whoever is willing to kiss up to you) obtain raises even though other co-workers are much more hard-working. You talk behind each person's back to other employees. Worst of all, you don't realize what a horrible manager you are and think that as long as you "mean well," there is nothing wrong with your management style.

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My work history consisted of repairing a broken department as the former manager was a drunk, nearing retirement and NO ONE would take any action. I changed the department around to be productive, but at a price. The workers didn't like it. False accusations to Human resources who by the way usually have their head so far up their asses that they don't notice much.My personal property was damaged, my office was ransacked and HR did what? Changed the locks is all.Cameras were put up and yet HR did nothing. After 6 years and things are running fine they take me out of my position, say there are too many complaints. ASK me to voluntarily step down. Nope, you have to demote me punk.

Bill T.
Bill T.

... and the pet will be advanced, perpetuating the situation. sigh. I've been there, people who had no idea which of the folk were actually working, no matter what you're doing it's not their current priority (never mind they just told you to do it) ... ad infinitum.

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