OC's Scariest People 2011

Celebrating the Day of the Dead with some of the county's worst offenders


Santa Ana-born and Garden Grove-bred Dykstra was known as "Nails" when he starred in the outfield for the Philadelphia Phillies and New York Mets. Nails have also been pounded into the coffin holding his post-MLB career as a supposed financial whiz. He has been accused of federal bankruptcy fraud and obstruction of justice tied to his allegedly selling items from an $18 million mansion. Since leaving the game, the onetime darling of CNBC's Jim Cramer has also been accused of credit-card fraud; failure to pay bills; possessing Ecstasy, cocaine and human-growth hormone; masterminding a scam to acquire luxury cars; sexual harassment; sexual assaults; and indecent exposure. Amid all this are stories that he was juicing as a ballplayer. Mitigating Factor: That walk-off home run in Game 3 of the 1986 World Series is still considered one of the biggest hits in Mets history.

The Anaheim Hills teen made millions of people around the world forever associate a day of the week with bowls of cereal and the pressure of vehicle-seat selection. That's scary. Mitigating Factor: The parodies!

The Huntington Beach resident tried four times to burn down his church, Orange County Church of Christ in Irvine, because of its teachings against masturbation. Three crazy nights in October 2009, Chavoshan waited until everyone left the church, took contents out of the outdoor trash cans, placed them next to the entrance and set them on fire. They all burned out before doing much more than charring the doors, but church officials reported the torchings to Irvine Police. Cops set up a stakeout and caught Chavoshan trying to burn down the church for a fourth time and arrested him. He was sentenced in August to six years and four months in state prison. One prays his cellmate is cool with whacking off. Mitigating Factor: Give the guy props for lighting a match with one hand.

Huntington Park's retired police chief came up with a novel way to spend his golden years in Anaheim Hills: placing nude photos of male and female body parts on one local nature trail, exposing his junk and butt to a woman on another, and placing penis pictures on car windshields in a park's car lot. Guess it beats jigsaw puzzles. In June, the 56-year-old pleaded guilty at the North Justice Center in Fullerton to two misdemeanors, which drew him a wrist slap from Anaheim city prosecutors of three years of formal probation, 150 hours of community service and $176 in fines. Yup, Wadley received no jail time nor any order to register as a sex offender. Mitigating Factor: This case produced an ever-so-lovely press release from the Orange County district attorney's office, blasting the Weekly's Matt Coker for falsely reporting that OCDA cut the sweetheart plea deal.


As the Villa Park councilwoman and OC Republican Party vice-chairwoman stood outside a Muslim charity event in Yorba Linda in February, she called the attendees "pure, unadulterated evil," adding that she knew some Marines who could help the "terrorists" get to paradise. And that just adds to her track record of scary. Remember when she went on a Facebook rant saying supporting Obama's health-care bill was on par with "applauding a mugging or a rape"? Then she added this parting shot: "Do you feel sodomized?" Oh, yeah, and let's not forget that she hates Mexicans, too. Mitigating Factor: We'll get to see her lose in next year's election for the open seat on the Board of Supervisors.

Last year, Dumitru was caught lying to a reporter about talking to a constituent regarding Arizona's reprehensible Senate Bill 1070. This year, the Orange councilman left an anti-Muslim, misspelling-filled rant on his personal Facebook page in honor of 9/11. "It was 10 years ago today," Dumitru wrote, "the [sic] most Americans learned first hand [sic] of the teaching [sic] of Islam and the Koran being filled with messages of peace . . . as they killed thousands of our fellow Americans!" When the Weekly broke the story, Dumitru promptly corrected the errors, living up to the first three letters of his surname. Mitigating Factor: At least he didn't use MySpace.

The former Orange County Sheriff's Deputy was fired four years ago, but Taylor still makes our list because his name came up numerous times in one of the scariest murder trials in recent memory. The case of the state of California versus Jared Petrovich, et al., involves the Oct. 5, 2006, jailhouse murder of John Chamberlain, a Rancho Santa Margarita software engineer who was arrested for misdemeanor possession of child pornography. A few days later, he died at the hands of dozens of inmates, including one who says Taylor had told him just hours earlier that Chamberlain was a child molester. During the killing, Taylor, by his own account, watched television in a nearby guard tower. The deputy not only refused to talk to investigators, but also actively obstructed that investigation, which is apparently why he finally got canned. Mitigating Factor: Taylor's atrocious conduct helped bring about badly needed reforms at the jail.


If you don't think Islamophobia (see above) had anything to do with the decision to criminally charge 11 Muslim students from UCs Irvine and Riverside who interrupted a speech by Israeli ambassador Michael Oren at UCI, then you've been living under a rock for the past 10 years. And if you're not terrified that an act of fighting-speech-with-speech on a university campus was met with indictments, then you've been living under a rock for the past 236 years. Mitigating Factor: Lead prosecutor Dan Wagner can go back to busting murderers and rapists.

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Mr. Arellano is a great reporter. I always look forward to his articles. He is intelligent, humorous and most of all a straight shooter. Please give him my regards and tell him I am a big fan of his.


Wow, until we got to Scott Montoya was there anyone of any ethncity on this list. Let's face it, Just like Gustavo, the entire O C weekly is staffed by people who hate white people. Even the white people who work there, if there are any, loath themselves. Let's face it, the weekly is a rag, that's why it's free. If it was legitimate news you'd be able to charge for it. By the way, weren't you guys sticking up for Montoya before you were shown the light? And yes, Gustavo, you are a burnt up racist and everyone knows it. Your attempt at light hearted humor against whites does not cover it up and we all know it.


Hey Teresa,

Why don't you sit down, take a deep breath, and have some dip. Just because you experienced a tragic event, do not start measuring everything you see in life to that level. Ok, some people have what's called a sense of humor. I know that tragic events tend to raise the bar because that's when our minds go into this over-process mode in an attempt to keep us sane. But you're not doing yourself or anyone else any favors by using your pain to make people see the world through your eyes.

I know things can suck really bad, but you have to relax a bit or you'll lose yourself in your pain.

Some things in life are funny. I'm sure you'll see that soon enough. Or perhaps you missed the image behind the text "You're Dead to Me".

Teresa Schmidt
Teresa Schmidt

Also, you placed Rebeccca Black in the #2 position, right under the monster name. How sick are you people?

Teresa Schmidt
Teresa Schmidt

As a friend of one of the Seal Beach shooting victim, Laura Webb Elody, I am disgusted by your writers inclusiuon of 15 year old student Rebecca Black, someone who sang innocently about Friday being a fun day, in the column titled "You are Dead to Me" , a column that included rapists, murderers, and other low life scumbags. At the very least, you owe an apology to not only Rebecca Black, but to each and every one of the victims families. You should be ashamed of yourselves. No one is laughing, we are all still crying and distraught over the senseless murders of so many wonderful people in our community. I notice that you did not include the names of your "Staff" who wrote the column - fess up and let me know who these people are. Teresa Schmidt, Newport Beach, CA


McKinley should really be on here twice. I mean for a current city council member and former police chief to say that "those ladies (who were molested by Officer Rincon) weren't people like this" (audience to whom he was speaking with), suggesting that some women are worthy of being sexually assaulted. But according to McKinley, it wasn't sexual assault when Rincon handcuffed women and fondled, groped, and/or propositioned them, it was "inappropriate touching", "not a dangerous thing".

Of course, you can see for yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...

Jaded in orange
Jaded in orange

Years ago when we lived in Fullerton we voted to recall Don Bankhead et al over a 'franchise tax' only to see them VOTED BACK IN a few months later in the NEXT election (yeah, THAT worked out fine) Soo...he's still there, and ther's gonna be another recall?! Good luck with that...this time I hope they stipulate that the recallees cannot run in the next election. What a waste of time and taxdollars.


On HUGH HEWITT,What if i said your views are irrelevant - funny thing is, there is alot of people who agree with him; so much so that alot of those people voted for change as reflected in the elections for Congress and hopefully soon to come new President who doesn't take joy in running America into the ground. Last time I checked this is America where we have the right too believe in and express our opinion; I read this whole thing about evil criminals who deserve what they get; but a conservative commentator who expresses his opinion on things he believes makes him hardly a bad person..why don't you go live in N.Korea where your socialist views will be appreciated and you can starve and be suppressed and the wealth you accumulate will be taken and "spread out" so the commy leader can have a feast in his honor, while his people and you, starve to death...what about the USSR, oh wait, their not around anymore because the Socialist commy experiment didn't work and it will never work. Next time please be real journalists(unbiased); I don't want to read about some biased ass socialist pig so called journalist grudge against another person who has the right to express what he believes. Why don't you join the ED Show on MSNBC where you can spew hateful and disparaging words about a women and still be on the air.

- End Transmission-



I though you "retired"???

PS- Another of your Pedo-Pals: Fr. Al Baca is back, he attended the silly meeting yesterday in Santa Ana.

I guess the trip to the "Vatican" cured him.............


orlyespecially if you were a dental patientand now she is running for us senate in 2012