Shirley MacLaine Is Still Out On a Limb

Long Beach's Carpenter Center will host the gal who acts, meditates, takes out-of-body jaunts and is totally over what you think about that

Michele Bachmann?

Oh, my lord . . . I like it when she called herself President O'Bachmann. She's from a planet where she doesn't even know her name.

Hillary Clinton?

From Planet Awesome
From Planet Awesome

Location Info


Richard & Karen Carpenter Performing Arts Center

6200 Atherton St.
Long Beach, CA 90815

Category: Music Venues

Region: Long Beach


SHIRLEY MACLAINE at the Carpenter Performing Arts Center, Sat., 8 p.m. $55.

Hmmm . . . hmmm . . . you know what? Just write, "Hmmm . . ."

And George Burns, a.k.a. "the best God ever"?

Yes. Clearly, he came from Planet Heaven.

This article appeared in print as "Still Out On a Limb: Shirley MacLaine acts, meditates, takes out-of-body jaunts–and is totally over what you think about it."
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