Shirley MacLaine Is Still Out On a Limb

Long Beach's Carpenter Center will host the gal who acts, meditates, takes out-of-body jaunts and is totally over what you think about that


Michele Bachmann?

Oh, my lord . . . I like it when she called herself President O'Bachmann. She's from a planet where she doesn't even know her name.


Hillary Clinton?

Hmmm . . . hmmm . . . you know what? Just write, "Hmmm . . ."


And George Burns, a.k.a. "the best God ever"?

Yes. Clearly, he came from Planet Heaven.


This article appeared in print as "Still Out On a Limb: Shirley MacLaine acts, meditates, takes out-of-body jaunts–and is totally over what you think about it."
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A terrific actor. But mostly full of shit. Her fawning over that consummate fraud Mother Teresa was the last straw for me.

Bill T.
Bill T.

Hawking is the reincarnation of Newton, okay .... . Maybe she should go after the Randy Foundation $1 million challenge.


Mom took me to see Sweet Charity with her friends soon after she divorced. How time flies: a single woman in the early '70s is far from what it is now. Love ya, Shirley - may you return as a whippet.