Gramps the Asshole

[Hey, You!] Beware of 50-ish man who yells at adolescents

Marla Campbell


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You were the 50-ish asshole who was pushing around a couple of kids at College Avenue in Costa Mesa the other night because they supposedly "disrespected" you. The poor adolescents, scared shitless, evidently backed off when you went ballistic on them, shoving and yelling. Your reaction was more of an old bullying fart who apparently never grew up and acted more like a punk than the two "punks" you were picking on. Get some Valium, Grandpa, or some anger-management help! Next time, I'm calling the police on your sorry ass since I know where you live and the white sedan you drive.

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I'm not saying the old guy didn't have his reasons...even I, at 33, wonder aloud what's wrong with some of these kids today...but he was the adult in the situation and should have acted like one. If he put hands on them, that's assaulting a minor. He utterly failed to make his point because he lost his cool. How was blowing his top going to earn him the "respect" he supposedly deserved?


So Orange County. "I'm gonna call the police on you!" for petty nonsense. Yeah, I'm sure the police have nothing better to do than show up to a call involving a middle aged guy yelling at some punks who probably started s*** with him first. whoop de do.

People yelling! oh no! Call the cops! I'm telling on you!

Poor little sheltered, spoiled Orange County brats.


No shit! I agree with you! Kids now a days are pretty much fearless since society coddles and shelters them. And spoiled ass entitled south OC and NB are especially bold because their corpo parents would rather throw money at a problem than deal with it. Screw those kids they probably deserved it!

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