Thrice Are Family Guys

After nearly two years of both tragedy and triumph on the home front, Irvine's favorite post-hardcore band work it all out with their new album, 'Major/Minor'

Hopeless Records founder Louis Posen released Thrice's first two albums, Identity Crisis and Illusion of Safety, under the Sub City imprint. Part of what attracted Thrice to the label was the Sub City concept; the Van Nuys-based company donates proceeds of the album sales released on that imprint to a charity chosen by artists. "Thrice was an early supporter of the Sub City concept, and their two releases raised more than $180,000 for Orange County's Crittenton Services and South Central Los Angeles drop-in center A Place Called Home," Posen explains. "Even then, they wanted to make a difference with their music."

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Lately, we've been hearing possible breakup/hiatus rumors from people close to the band. That's understandable, given all of the recent life changes and family commitments—and considering the length of time Thrice have been around. Bands who've been together for less time have been hounded by more than just rumors.

Teppei, Dustin, Eddie and Riley
Samuel Zide
Teppei, Dustin, Eddie and Riley
Piper, Shadlie, Sailor, Dustin and Lucy Kensrue
Samuel Zide
Piper, Shadlie, Sailor, Dustin and Lucy Kensrue


We’re giving one lucky fan a chance to see the band at each of their Southern California shows! That means we’re giving away a pair of tickets for Nov. 8 at the Mayan Theater in Los Angeles, Nov. 9 and 10 at the House of Blues in Anaheim, and Nov. 11 at the House of Blues in San Diego. Three runners-up will win an autographed CD. Go to for more details!

Read Riley Breckenridge's posts on Heard Mentality HERE.


SLIDESHOW: Go behind the scenes of our photo shoot with Thrice.

VIDEO: Thrice go on the record about Major/Minor.

If Thrice took a break, says Tate of AbsolutePunk, fans would be devastated. "It would arguably be the biggest news since Blink-182 went on hiatus, and it would be such a big blow to the [punk] community."

So, do these rumors have any merit? For most of the band, the answer is some form of cryptic no-but-you-never-know-let's-wait-and-see.

"I think we'll continue making music as long as we can. I don't know," Eddie says. "I'm so lucky to do this; it's such a gift to me that I'll do anything I can to keep it going."

"I hope they don't break up—I love that band," Heisel of Alternative Press says. "They are aging as gracefully as anyone can hope to in the contemporary rock scene."

This article appeared in print as "Family Guys: After nearly two years of tragedy and triumph on the home front, Irvine's Thrice work it all out with their new album, Major/Minor."

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The Least of all men
The Least of all men

Thrice is the best band out there. I listened to them in a life of sin, drugs, alcohol, perversion thinking that they were my favorite band because of their sound. One day my path downhill hit bottom and I attempted suicide. I woke up to a feeling of utter contempt for my life of waste. I fell to me knees and begged god, "If you're out there, show me, help me". Before I could finish my sentence I felt a loving peaceful hand on my shoulder. God said to me "I'm not out there, I'm right here and I always have been". I know every word to every Thrice song, my favorite of all is "Stand and Feel Your Worth" off of the album Vheissu. When I go back to that song, the one I screamed aloud hundreds and hundreds of times, I realize that the reason Thrice and their music meant so much to me is that God was calling me all along. Jesus, Stand and feel your worth, O' my soul. He was waiting for me to "Kneel and know 'The Word' that could save us all". Jesus in the bible is referred to as 'The Word'.

You can try anything you want to fulfill your life. You are a man craving to be immersed in the ocean. You hop from puddle to puddle, drugs, alcohol, sex, money, cars, but they never satisy, you only get your bottom wet and its only a matter of time before they dry up. Jesus is the ocean, you can swim forever and never touch bottom. I would give my life for you to know him, because only in him will you ever find your purpose.

Seek Jesus. I love you.


Thanks for this wonderful article. Nice family.

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Careful Riley, that looks like a porn for new moms pic....


Amazing article

Red Telephone
Red Telephone

I definitely grew up with this band and evolved as they did. This feels like the last hurrah unfortunately, and from what I've heard through the grapevine here in Irvine, Major/Minor is it. But what a beautiful note to end on though. The record is stunning. Thank you for everything, Thrice, as well as OC Weekly for supporting these guys.

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