Korey Dane

The Prospector

Long Beach’s Korey Dane does kind of what Townes Van Zandt did in between falling in holes and waitin’ round to die: lift up a guitar, open his mouth and let the old world flood into the new. With often-time partner Tess Shapiro playing angel to his bedeviled narrators, Dane delivers slow and lonesome songs about realizations realized too late if not too weakly, and when you put a pedal-steel guitar underneath that, you better put a beer on the bar to catch the tears that are sure to follow. Recent album Loomeris available from Dane now. Sharing the stage is Sam Outlaw, who’s got a reedy John Prine-kinda voice and plenty of heartworn songs to go with that.
Thu., Sept. 15, 9 p.m., 2011

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