Whaddaya Call a Half-Mexican, Half-Something Else?

[¡Ask a Mexican!] In this classic list of reader responses, you tell a Mexican!

Dear Readers: Your faithful Mexican is putting the final touches to his coming magnum opus, Taco USA: How Mexican Food Conquered America (out April 2012) and is thus at the rancho, getting handmade tortillas made by his chica while he works on rewrites. But instead of a Best Of columna, I've decided to print excerpts from one of my all-time-favorite reader interactions. Remember back in 2007, when I asked ustedes who are half-Mexican and half-something else to tell us what you call yourselves? The brilliant, hilarious responses offered show how genius the Mexi brain truly is. Space doesn't allow your local rag to print all the responses, but below are just some of the best. You can find the full list HERE—in the meanwhile, enjoy and see you in una semana!


Half-African: Afrijoles.


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Half-anything: Inbetweener-beaner.

Half-Arab: Garbanzo beaner, America's Worst Nightmare.

Half-Armenian: Armexian.

Half-Australian: Aussican, Dingoles (say like frijoles), Fosters Especial, Mexi-roo, Ortegamite, Wallican.

Half-Black: Black Beans, Blaxican, Bro-Vato, Choco-Taco, Choligger, Mack, Mexiblack, Mexicoon, Negrexican, Tino Noir, Watermexican, Wetblack.

Half-British: Limey Beans.

Half-Cajun: Bayou Beaner, Mexi-Gumbo, Mexicajun, Red Beans and Rice.

Half-Canadian: Canexican.

Half-Caribbean: Carribeaner.

Half-Chinese: Chexican, Chinacan, Chinkano, Combination Plate, Mexinese, Rice and Beans, Soy Bean.

Half-Colombian: Skakirikan.

Half-Cornish: Cornish Tortilla.

Half-Costa Rican: Mextica ("tico" is a nickname for Costa Ricans).

Half-Creole: Creolican.

Half-Croatian: Cro-Mex.

Half-Czech: Czecano, Czex-Mex, Czexican, Mexislovakian.

Half-Eskimo: Mexkimo.

Half-Filipino: ChicaPina (for Chicana and Pinay, which is a Tagalog slang term for Filipina), Chilipino, Filixan, Filitino, Flipamex, Flippican, JalaPinoy, Mexipino.

Half-Flemish: Fletino.

Half-French: Frenchican.

Half-Gabacho: Amerilanga (combination of American and chilanga, nickname for someone from Mexico City), Caucano, Chicangüera, Gabaxicano, GMC (Gringo-Mexico cross), Güerexican, Latinglo, Mexiglos, Mixican, Pochingo (half-pocho, half-gringo), Whispanic, White Bean.

Half-German: Beanerschnitzel, Chili Kraut, Germexican, Wiener Beaner.

Half-Greek: Greexican, Grec-Mex, Mexi-eek (I never said all of the nicknames were clever).

Half-Guamanian: Chamexorro (Guam natives are called Chamorros), Guamexican.

Half-Guatemalan: Chapano (chapín is a nickname for Guatemalans), Guacamex.

Half-Hawaiian: Jalapiña, Pineapple Salsa.

Half-Hippie: Hippsican.

Half-Honky: Chichonky.

Half-Hungarian: Bohunk-Beaner.

Half-Indian (the India kind): Curry Tamale.

Half-Indian (the non-India kind): Apachichano, Cherocano, Cheyennexican, Commanchano, Mexiskin (half-Mexican, half-Redskin), Navacano, Navajole, Navajo Taco.

Half-Irish: Celtic Aztec, Green Bean, Irlandicanos, Leprecano, McBeaner, McSpic, Mick Spic, O'Beaner, Paddy-Mex.

Half-Italian: Mexican Pizza, Mexitalian, Spicawop, Spic-talian, Wopsican.

Half-Jamaican: Jamexican, Rastacan.

Half-Japanese: Japanic, Mexanese.

Half-Jewish: Jalapeño Bagel, Jumex (also the name of a delicious Mexican fruit nectar drink), Kahlua-jewa, Kosher Burrito, Mexi-Jew.

Half-Korean: Kimchicano, Kimchinero, Korexican, Mexirean.

Half-Lebanese: Lebxican, Mediterraxican, Mexiterranean (for those from the Mediterranean region in general).

Half-Lithuanian: Baltican, Baltic Pepper, Lexican, Mexicainis, Mexiuanian.

Half-Michigander: Michicano, Mixicano.

Half-Nicaraguan: Nicatamal.

Half-Norwegian: Lutefiskan, Mexinorske, Norskecan.

Half-Oklahomian: Chokies, Okie-Frijoles.

Half-Pakistani: Mexistani.

Half-Panamanian: Panamex.

Half-Peruvian: Lima Bean.

Half-Polish: Bean Pole, Polo-Cholo, Polexican, Polexiqui (this particular gal was Yaqui Indian on her Mexican side; she also called herself a Mexipolaqui), Taco Polaco.

Half-Portuguese: Mexi-guese, Pork and Beans.

Half-Puerto Rican: Bori-Mex, Messyrican, Mexiricaña, MexiRican, Porto-Mex

Half-Redneck: Rednexican, Redback, Wetneck.

Half-Russian: Brown Russian.

Half-Salvadoran: Salvexican.

Half-Samoan: Samexican.

Half Scandinavian: Hispandinavian.

Half-Scottish: McRiguez, Scottsican.

Half-Slavic: Slavspic.

Half-Somali: Hot Somali.

Half-Swiss: Swexican, Swexicano.

Half-Thai: Thaimex


Half-Ukrainian: Borscheros, Cossackeros, Kievicans, Pysankeros.

Half-Vietnamese: Vietnamexican.

Half-White: Honky-Tonk, Gringateca, Mejiyanqui, Mexi-melts, Whics.

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howdy, as you can see i'm from fort worth, texas.... first time here to this web site i just happen to find it .love to read that other mexican from other state's have the same issue's as we do here in texas, i well kept this web site as my favorite.


My son is half Mexican half Lebanese; we consider him Mexanese.


For half mexican and honduran like most of my cousins and myself: hondumex


this is so stupid all u peeps go do something better with ur lives...


I just call everybody mutts.


Using the "I am one so I can say it" card, half Mexican/Half Jewish - Spike.


I personally was offended by your comments about half Blacks!! I am a Black woman 47 yrs old and know what we as a race have to overcome daily as well as was we sufffered through in the past to not be called certain names and here you come with you garbage!! I DID NOT FIND YOUR ARTICLE FUNNY! AS A MXICAN I FEEL LIKE YOU ARE DEGRADING YOUR RACE AND YOUR TALENTS IF THAT WHAT YOU CALL IT!? SHOULD AND COULD BE PUT TO BETTER USE!! I BET YOUR PARENTS ARE PROUD OF YOU LOL.....TALK ABOUT YOUR OWN RACE BUT THE BLACK RACE DOES NOT NEED YOU TO FURTHER YOUR CAREER BY BEING USED!


You're just projecting because your dog is your brother/dad/uncle.

liberals are hypocrites
liberals are hypocrites

if you were half mexican, why dont you just put a bullet in your head? i mean, is life really worth living if you're associated with mexicans?

Walter Hackett
Walter Hackett

I generally prefer Leprecano but I can live with McSpic.

Leona Swan
Leona Swan

Mexican/Indians: MexiDot or MexiFeather


In short, Americans.

No mas digo...
No mas digo...

For Peruvian and Mexican (my nephews) I don't go for lima beans...but PEMEX (like the Mexican government oil company)


You're just projecting because your dog is your brother/dad/uncle.

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