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[Hey, You!] Not everyone who wears a headcovering is a Bin Laden fan, jerkoff

Marla Campbell


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You were the kids in the F-150 truck who drove by and threw bottles at me while I was on my bike, yelling, "Fuck you, Bin Laden!"—apparently because of the knit headcovering I was wearing. You then came back—only to speed off when I pulled out a weapon. Look, after 9/11, countless Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and Orthodox Christians are stigmatized because they choose to devote themselves to spiritual practices in their headwear even though they would never follow any terrorist. I am concerned you are on a dangerous road to a disastrous future. Had you gotten out to fight, I could have seriously injured or even killed you, but you are in greater danger than that. Your soul, being and essence are in jeopardy. I forgive you for your ignorance, but try reaching out to someone who is different from you. You might be surprised.

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Bill T.
Bill T.

OH NO! We didn't think he was capable of defending himself! RUN AWAY! Typical punk coward bullies.

Titus Aurelius
Titus Aurelius

I hear what you are saying and also agree that we shouldn't judge a person based on their appearance, religion etc,, but you are lucky that no other citizen saw you brandish a weapon because it could have gotten you all kinds of law enforcement attention, and then other questions would be asked like why you are carrying a concealed weapon (i presume).

So, being spiritual is great, but many of the greatest spiritual people didn't carry weapons as far I know.

Now, if you have a legal permit for a concealed weapon than my apologies.

By the way, dId you report these individuals for harassing you? I hope you did because otherwise they may do it to others as wel.