Chris Adrian Smith Is the Wrong Man

[Moxley Confidential] And a judge's written order says so. But OC sheriff's deputies arrested him anyway

"It was frustrating," he says. "It seems like deputies can do whatever they want."

Earlier this year, Smith hired Newport Beach attorney Joshua R. Stock to file a federal lawsuit. According to Stock, the deputies are guilty of making a false arrest and violating his client's constitutional rights. The county responded by hiring a private law firm, which maintained in a court filing that the deputies' actions were "in all respects reasonable, proper and legal."

According to records, Caballero recently used Smith's identity in a San Francisco-area crime. He remains at large. Incredibly, more than 750 days after Hix cleared Smith of Caballero's acts, the sheriff's department continues to list him as the fugitive.

Chris Adrian Smith
Chris Adrian Smith


Asks a soft-spoken Smith, "When will this end?"

A jury trial for Smith's lawsuit is scheduled for April 2012.

This column appeared in print as "This Isn't the Man You're Looking For: Chris Adrian Smith has a court order declaring he is not wanted for a specific crime. Deputies arrested him for it anyway."

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