This Elephant Never Remembers

[Hey, You!] Trunk off, GOP push-pollster!

Marla Campbell


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You're the automated GOP push-pollster who calls me at the dinner hour. When you called with loaded questions aimed at supporting the Costa Mesa City Council in firing just about everyone at City Hall, I identified myself as a Republican and answered every question the opposite of how you wanted me to: I favor higher taxes, no layoffs and believe the Costa Mesa City Council is run by racist fucktards. The next night, at dinnertime, you called back. This time, I said I was a Democrat and answered in the complete opposite of how I'd replied before. That should stop the calls, I thought. WRONG! Now I am getting calls from survey companies from Texas, New Hampshire and Blocked Numberland. I give up.

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For a brief time in the 80s, I subscribed to National Review. I was deluged with solicitations from the Republican Party, the Heritage Foundation, the NRA (promising to "fight the gun grabbers" on my behalf, and every other rightwing scam organization out there. The conservative movement is a concious organized fraud.

Titus Aurelius
Titus Aurelius

That was your mistake. Never take any survey, especially to win that shiny new car at the mall. You won't win the call but every telemarketer in miles of that shiny car will now have your contact details!