'Suburban Nightmare: Punk In OC' Opening Reception


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The Artery at The Lab

2930 Bristol St.
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Category: Art Galleries

Region: Costa Mesa

Punk rock and art have always gone hand-in-hand; many claim that when punk began in England, it was actually as an art-student movement, and artist Raymond Pettibon established his career by creating Black Flag’s iconic four-bar symbol and drawing their album covers and fliers. It’s not surprising, of course, as artistic abilities tend to bleed across mediums, and a great local example is Rikk Agnew. The guitarist (Social Distortion, Adolescents, D.I.) is also a painter who creates images as stark and twisted as his eccentric personality. Subversive thought, the bastardization of pop culture and a punk-rock ethic inform his paintings, on display in “Suburban Nightmares: Punk In OC.” You also get the visual history of punk told through the lens of Edward Colver, who took the majority of the famous photos of the LA and OC punk heyday. And of course, there’s representation from those who are keeping the nightmare alive, such as illustrator Christie Yuri Noh.
Fri., July 8, 7 p.m., 2011
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