What Happened to Eric Naposki's Gun?

[Moxley Confidential] The question of the missing weapon comes pretty close to a Columbo moment in the Naposki murder trial

Frizzell: "You made it pretty clear that you had only one gun."

Naposki: "Uh-huh."

Frizzell: "That's a big discrepancy."

Eric Naposki at trial
H. Lorren Au Jr./Orange County Register/pool photos

Eric Naposki at trial

Naposki: "Uh-huh. . . . Is this important?"

Voth: "We have to verify your story."

Frizzell: "The way I see it, we have a missing 9 mm Beretta handgun."

Naposki may have panicked. He offered more brazen historical revisionism. "You guys asked me if I had any guns," he told the officers. "I was upfront and honest with you about it. I said, yeah."

Jurors listened intently to the interviews, which contain Naposki's angry cries of innocence even while he's being deceitful. At one point, when caught in a lie about his guns, he said, "I misled you—big deal. Slap me on the wrist."

The panel of citizens eventually will have to ask itself: Why did Naposki distance himself from owning a 9 mm exactly 50 days before the public learned what caliber bullets hit McLaughlin?

Better yet: At a time when only one person—the killer—knew he'd used an Italian-made Beretta 92F, why, out of the hundreds and hundreds of handguns in the world, was Naposki lying about owning precisely that one?

It's a question that would prompt Columbo to utter, "What a coincidence!"

This column appeared in print as "Eric, Get Your Gun: Missing murder-weapon discrepancies loom over Eric Naposki's trial."

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Denise H.
Denise H.

To R. Mutt:

He was "declared the killer" by the police because he IS the killer. You say he was "dumb enough to be interviewed by the detectives". People who are innocent and have nothing to hide don't mind talking to the police. Why not? If you did not commit the crime, if there is no evidence pointing in your direction then you have nothing to fear because they police will not find anything than can tie you to the crime.

Naposki is an sociopath who murdered a man in cold blood to get his money. His girlfriend gave him the key to the gate so he could get in the door. They are BOTH cold blooded killers who almost got away with it.

Good job Larry Montgomery (and everybody else who has worked this case) in the OC D.A's office. EXCELLENT police work in bring these two killers to justice.


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R. Mutt
R. Mutt

This guy was arrogant and stupid enough to allow himself to get "interviewed" by the detectives. This guy was dumb enough to be declared the killer as a result of those interviews.


Nothing screams, "I'm innocent" like being a wise ass with homicide detectives during a very serious interview. And then taking it a step further and evading cops while under surveillance. I wonder what he could have possibly had to hide?


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