'The Big Lebowski'

Regency South Coast Village

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Regency South Coast Village

1561 W. Sunflower Ave.
Santa Ana, CA 92704

Category: Movie Theaters

Region: Santa Ana

The 1998 Coen Brothers film has taught many a Dude a life lesson or two. For starters, never piss on another man’s rug. Never trust a nihilist or Tara Reid. When scattering ashes over a large body of water, first check which way the wind is blowing. “Chinaman” is not the preferred nomenclature. If you need a toe, you can get one by 2 o’clock today—with nail polish. Proceed with caution when bathing with a marmot. Don’t ask a Jewish man to roll on Shabbos. The White Russian is the greatest drink on Earth, and it is acceptable to drink Half & Half from the carton in the grocery store. The Eagles suck. Mark it zero; this isn’t ’Nam, and there are rules. And if all else fails, light up a joint and go bowling.
Wed., June 22, 7:30 p.m., 2011