Matricula Madness at Proof Bar

Can a Mexican consular ID be used to prove you're of legal drinking age? The answer is not as simple as ABC

But at this time, they are not. Mendes maintains he acted properly and in the best interests of his business that night.

The Weekly first reported on the issue on its Heard Mentality blog on May 24, inspiring many responses. Mendez takes issue with those commenters who paint his exclusion of the Matrícula-toting musicians as ethnically motivated. "This whole issue is one of age, not race" he says. "As a bar owner, determining the age of a prospective patron to my establishment is fraught with pitfalls, gray areas and attempts at deception.

"The only bona-fide form of foreign identification that I can use to determine someone's age is a passport," Mendes continues. "Any other means of determining age opens me, my business and my staff up to an extensive and sometimes confusing maze of liability."

Mike Hirshon

Portions of this story were originally published on the Weekly's Heard Mentality blog. Click HERE and HERE.

This article appeared in print as "Matrícula Madness: An incident at a Santa Ana bar shows that using an ID card issued by the Mexican consulate to prove you're over 21 is not as simple as ABC."

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