The Soft Hands

The Prospector

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The Prospector

2400 E. Seventh St.
Long Beach, CA 90804

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: Long Beach

Give it to the Soft Hands! After what guitarist/singer Matt Fry describes as a “damn long time,” this much-missed Long Beach trio set up at the old, familiar Prospector to prove that muscles really do have good memories. Their 2008 full-length, Hours Pass By (on local label Fidotrust), took generous handfuls of the Minutemen (D. Boon zig-zag guitar, drums and bass wrapped up in a compact little ball, plus the nervous energy from “Paranoid Chant” in which they all yell, “Scared shitlessssssssss!”) and used it to grow something new and strangely beautiful. Fry and bassist/singer Elizabeth Lindsey smash together sounds-broke-but-don’t-fix-it vocals like Frank Black and Kim Deal, and some of those choruses reach right for the stars. (And yes, they aren’t too incompatible with the early Soft Boys, either.) Welcome back—it’s been too soft without you!
Thu., June 16, 9 p.m., 2011
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