Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer 2011!

[Trendzilla] In: snake prints. Out: Kelly Bundy

It's warm, and the boots, sweaters and coats are in storage—that means it's time for a list of spring/summer 2011 trends.

While the usuals are back—bright hues, color blocking, loud prints, ultra-femme details such as lace, short hemlines—there are a few newcomers (fiiiinally) this time. But please: Dressing like Kelly Bundy will never, ever, ever not be horrible. Put down the fringed short shorts and ironic American-flag anything. It's going to be okay.

While leopard is still (and probably always will be) very much around, snakeskin-print anything is the buzziest this summer and adds a nice touch of playful sultriness to any outfit without much effort. Accessories such as belts, heels or flats are an easy starting point for anyone afraid of looking too loud. Prada and Dolce & Gabbana might have snake featured all over their spring/summer 2011 collections, but the always-reliable Zara ( offers tons of affordable sheer separates, footwear and dresses this season.

This is still mostly true in London, but keep an eye out for it soon, especially with the recent fascination with bright feather and tinsel clip-ins. For those who never got to go through that phase in high school in which Manic Panic was your best friend, it's not too late. And you can mostly trace it all back to one salon for bringing a downtown trend to the snooty fashion types: Bleach London ( The establishment is now known the world over for its dip-dye jobs, which is pretty much what it sounds like—dipping the ends of hair into a high-contrast color. Pinks, greens, blues, even beautiful grays . . . nothing is off limits. Bleach London's secret special formula supposedly prevents the usual crunchy results that come from soaking your hair in bleach. Unfortunately, unless you've got a trip to London on the calendar, you'll have to settle for a stateside dye job from a trustworthy colorist. Bring lots of photos. And pray.

Now here's one inexpensive trend: Along with nail art both flashy and reserved, coral nail color is the new red. It'll surprisingly work with just about anything, and it's just startling and noticeable enough to liven up any look. Try Wet n' Wild's "Blazed" (99 cents at any major drugstore) or Revlon's "Make Mine Mango" ($4.99). 

This column appeared in print as "Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer 2011!"

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