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[Hey, You!] What's Spanish for nepotism?

Matt Bors


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This goes out to a certain Mexican restaurant. I took my damn time to go for an interview, and you acted all nice, telling me I would get hired. A week later, I found out you hired the cashier's sister! Do me a big favor: Don't waste my time and that of others by calling us in for interviews if you're going to hire a relative! Your food sucks, anyway!

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Guest you know the circumstances of the cashier's sister? Maybe she was better suited to the job. Maybe your references didn't check out. Maybe she had a better attitude. Maybe it had to do with your failings, not the restaurant's. Are you racist or just stupid? Not everything bad that happens to you is someone else's fault.

El Gigante
El Gigante

First all the dude has a right to be pissed off! This very common in most work places as employees tend to refer their relatives for positions. I have worked in retail,grocery stores,fast food joints,ect,you will have clusters of relatives working side by side. Mexicans do this all the time they always hire somebody's cousin. I can't blame him for being a little frustrated..


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