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Other musicians have a few Brad Nowell stories to tell

"He was always joking around in the studio. Always sticking his thumb up his dog's butt, stuff like that. I remember after the recording of it ground to a halt, I became really concerned for Brad's health, and I sent the whole band home and tried to finish the whole album myself. When I saw him off, I had a sick feeling I was never going to see him again. I was worried that I wouldn't get paid! I was in Belgium when I got the news that he passed away. I was devastated." (As told to Lilledeshan Bose)

CLICK HERE: Read remembrances of Bradley Nowell by his father, Jim, and widow, Troy Holmes.

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I grew up listening to Sublime and Slightly Stoopid. Bradley Nowell created music that I could just sit and listen to and be truly happy, music that I will never get tired of listening to.


awesome. miss brad and lou ;(


Reading this made me cry. Sublime has had such an influence on people and music. Its the ultimate socal band. Imagine what they could have done had he lived. The greatest tribute to Brad is to keep listening to the music so that he, and it, live forever in us.

Melissa Vasquez
Melissa Vasquez

This article leaves me in awe. It's amazing how much of an impact Sublime has had and I can hear the influence through every performance I've seen of Slightly Stoopid. These guys really appreciate good music and culture, just another reason why I never miss a Stoopid show!!! The Sublime legacy lives on.

Brandy Johnson
Brandy Johnson

bradley and Sublime changed my life and the way i listen to music forever! I was in a violent and very abusive marriage when I first found Sublime in 92! I used to put on one of their Cd's and let the music take me away from my problems. I think i would have killed myself without brad and my headphones!! I was inconsolable when Brad died for so many reasons and I just wanted to say Thanks to everyone who helped make that wonderful music that saved my life


This is really sick....Bradley Nowell was truly an inspiration and his music will live on forever. His ability to fuse so many genres of music so well with so much soul and raw passion was insane. Its awesome to see how much Miles and Kyle really appreciated Sublime. I remember when I was back in high school and met Miles Doughty in Street Scene in San Diego one of the questions I asked him was, "Man how sick was it playing with Brad"...and he said "Man it was some of the greatest times of my life"...His influence truly shows in Slightly Stoopids music and its great to get to seem them carry the torch and do it just as well as Sublime did. Jah Bless


Awesome interview. Speechless. The Sublime and Brad legacy will always live on and I'm glad Slightly can continue to grow and spread the culture of California.


Bradley is a god! Left us with great music and Slightly Stoopid. All I can do is thank him for that.

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