The Dickies

The Can Club

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Can Club

14241 Euclid St.
Garden Grove, CA 92843

Category: Music Venues

Region: Garden Grove

When looking back on the pioneers of punk, too often we're greeted with images of towering Mohawks and menacing sneers. Not so with the Dickies, who served up liberal helpings of campy humor with crunchy, distorted guitars and screeching vocals. Witness the über-hilarious video for the 1979 song "Banana Splits," which features singer Leonard Phillips repeating the refrain "banananana" into a peeled-banana mic. And despite some dark days (such as when drummer Jonathan Melvoin OD'd on heroin while touring with the Smashing Pumpkins), they've managed to keep their snotty sense of humor intact after all these years. And if you get to the Can Club early, you can catch the Yeastie Boys, featuring Weekly freelance photographer extraordinaire John Gillhooley in full clown regalia.
Sat., April 30, 6 p.m., 2011