Robert Schuller's Glass House of God

[Moxley Confidential] Picking through the shards of the bankrupt televangelism empire.

Of course, if Coleman really wants to make an antigay statement on principle, she could demolish the Crystal Cathedral. Acclaimed architect Philip Johnson designed the world-renowned glass structure for her father in 1977. Johnson, who also designed the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and has since died, was gay.

But even if Coleman never learned her daddy's chief teaching point—be positive and God will reward you—his lawyers didn't miss it. In court filings, they've remained optimistic that, despite a 50-percent drop in church membership to 5,000 attendees, the ministry can eventually pay off all of the debt. To accomplish that feat, however, the Schuller clan is going to have to stir up the congregation and then, despite all the unsettling revelations, ask them to dig deeper into their wallets.

Thomas Pitilli


This column appeard in print as "Glass House of God: Picking through the shards of the bankrupt Schuller televangelism empire."

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