Trading Places

Regency South Coast Village

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Regency South Coast Village

1561 W. Sunflower Ave.
Santa Ana, CA 92704

Category: Movie Theaters

Region: Santa Ana

At first, Trading Places may seem like an odd pick for “classic film night,” but it’s actually an amazing educational tool for America’s youth—not only does it incorporate themes from both The Prince and the Pauper and The Marriage of Figaro, but it also serves as a much-needed reminder to a generation confronted by the likes of Meet Dave and Yogi Bear that Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd were at one time very funny. Trading Places was one of the highest-grossing and best-reviewed movies of 1983, and it even inspired “the Eddie Murphy Rule,” a ban on insider trading for commodities enacted last year by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. So maybe “classic” isn’t all that much of a stretch.
Wed., March 16, 7:30 p.m., 2011
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