The Holloys

Alex's Bar

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Alex's Bar

2913 E. Anaheim St.
Long Beach, CA 90804

Category: Music Venues

Region: Long Beach

LA’s Holloys—who say they come from a parallel dimension, but they’re a band out of time, too—are one of those groups of musicians who fall from who-knows-when tangled in a sound all their own. For the Holloys, that’s a sound built after excavating the overlap between the anxious (and sometimes aggro) post-punk of Public Image Limited’s Metal Box and the endless groove of Fela Kuti and the Saharan guitar music Sublime Frequencies so generously provides to the world. It makes plenty of sense for 2011; it’s futuristic in the ways that dub and post-punk were both futuristic, suggesting images of spaceships covered with dust and soot. In fact, maybe that’s how they got here in the first place—on UFOs they built all by themselves.
Thu., March 10, 9 p.m., 2011
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