Doing the Do-Right Thing

[Hey, You!] Rescued from a train-track surprise attack.

Matt Bors


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You were the three young people sitting on the curb of Pacific Avenue in Long Beach on a Friday night, and I was the man who, while hurriedly crossing on a red light, caught my foot on the Metro rail line and fell. You rushed to my aid, asked if I was all right, and realized that, even though I said I was, I really wasn't (I had been completely disoriented by the fall). You walked me to the sidewalk, sat me down and repeatedly offered to call an ambulance. And even though I insisted I could get to my hotel on my own, you didn't believe me and made sure that I got there safely. You even went back and retrieved the things I had dropped when I fell and brought them to the hotel. I did, as you insisted, end up going to the emergency room; I required 11 stitches on my face and had broken my elbow! I hope you realize how grateful I am for your kindness.

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I love hearing about nice people in Orange County for once! Especially young ones. It gives me hope for the future.


Nice to hear... I hope those kids read this, and I hope you heal fast.


Sorry to have to bust your bubble Madeline, Long Beach is NOT in Orange County it is in Los Angeles County. However, Have you ever seen an old persons car die in traffic in Santa Ana? you will often see several Latino young men run to help push it out of the street, (and never see one wait around for a tip).

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