Steve Hirsch's Octomom Obsession

The Vivid Entertainment honcho opens a new chapter in his porno empire

Steve Hirsch says his Octomom obsession is just good business
Star Foreman
Steve Hirsch says his Octomom obsession is just good business

"I remember 30 years ago, the only way you could watch an adult movie was to go into an adult theater or adult book store or buy an 8mm film," he says. "And there was a limited amount of people who wanted to do that. Now, you can watch tens and thousands of adult movies 24 hours a day. The access has increased and, with it, the acceptance. Now, it's just another entertainment option.

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Steve Hirsch is one of the a most popular co-chairman of Vivid entertainment. People are very interested to watch the porn movies Vivid entertainment. In a short time he get the success on this field.


I understand that there are niche markets in porn. There is girl on girl, gang bang, fat women, anal sex, supersized penises, and so on.... However, I had no idea there was a niche market for watching the mentally ill have sex. This woman is painful to watch or listen to even in the most basic situations. She can't answer the most basic question without lying, exaggerating, going off subject or babbling. Now, you want us to suffer through looking at this nut job having sex?You think we want to look at a body that has had a tummy tuck, a lap band, liposuction, numerous breast implants, cheek implants, brow and eye lifts, lip implants, botox, and then you tell us that we should want to pay for that? What's next? Are you going to put out porn flicks featuring the mentally retarded? After all they want to live independently. Sorry, Mr. Hirsch, no one wants to watch the world's village idiot having sex.

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