Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife

But not your WiFi! In 2010, the Internet was the medium by which we all went what the fuck?

1. Imperial Stars get arrested for stupid publicity prank—er . . . calling attention to homeless children
On Oct. 12, Christopher Wright, Paul Arabella (a.k.a. David Paul Hale) and Keith Yackey headed for Hollywood’s section of Highway 101 and blocked three lanes of traffic at 10:20 a.m. to play one song atop a semi. The lead trio of the Garden Grove-based Imperial Stars played “Traffic Jam 101” for a captive Los Angeles audience—commuters who were stuck in the traffic jam they caused. Soon after the stunt, the California Highway Patrol came to arrest the trio and tow the semi; 24 hours later, the band members were released from jail and celebrated in Hollywood after posting $10,000 bail. In November, they were charged with conspiracy. No matter; they’re doing a ton of press and “benefit shows”—not to mention they’ve been offered a TV reality show, so we really hope the homeless children are benefiting from their brushes with the law.

Yup, still stoopid
Jim Rossier
Yup, still stoopid


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This article appeared in print as "Top 10 WTF Stories of 2010: Guess who’s No. 1 on our music blog? (Hint: It’s not Antoine Dodson)."

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