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Five Great Regional McDonald’s Burgers That Should Be Offered Everywhere
We love lists, especially those that highlight five great choices. When McDonald’s announced it was bringing back the McRib, Shuji Sakai argued Nov. 10, it should’ve gone further:

McDonald’s would have pulled off a much bigger marketing and PR coup if they did a nationwide rollout on old favorites from other corners of the globe. For instance, did you know McDonald’s sold crab cakes in its Maryland restaurants, or that you could order roasted green chiles in its New Mexico stores? For a corporation that practically invented global uniformity, it tips its hat heavily to local markets and regional food favorites.

Here's Thao Le on his way toward winning a race to finish a whole jar of Nutella
Mary Bell
Here's Thao Le on his way toward winning a race to finish a whole jar of Nutella

Location Info


Cafe Hiro

10509 Valley View St.
Cypress, CA 90630

Category: Restaurant > American

Region: Cypress

Marché Moderne

3333 Bristol St.
Costa Mesa, CA 92626-1873

Category: Restaurant > Dessert

Region: Costa Mesa


Don’t forget our tasty food-related slideshows! Like the featuring Thao Le on his way toward winning a race to finish a whole jar of Nutella during a Dec. 2 contest offered by the Fullerton-based Crepes Bonaparte food truck. Luxe loncheras were THE food story of 2010, and we reviewed almost every one.

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For Jerry Brown Haters: At Least We’re Not Getting Sandra Lee
Another fine rant from Shuji, dated Nov. 4:

While my home state of New York preps the Executive Mansion for Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo, I’m wondering what his girlfriend, TV celebu-“cook” Sandra Lee has in store for America from her new bully pulpit?

Jerry Brown doesn’t exactly light up any room he’s in, but at least his presence on television doesn’t make me want to gouge out my eyes with a spork. As in all things, it could have been worse. Four years of dull Jerry or four years of execrable Semi-Ho? Which would you have chosen?

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Chinese, Part One
Throughout the year, Dave wrote an epic series detailing various ethnic cuisine in exacting, stunning prose. Here’s the beginning of his six-part series on Chinese, from March 26:

Entire years, entire careers, entire lifetimes have been spent writing about Chinese cuisine, yet it’s arguably the cuisine least well-represented in the vast bulk of America. As hard as it to hear, the Chinese food that comes delivered in those little white Tetra-PaksT with the red pagodas and the wire bails would be completely unrecognizable to someone leaving China for the first time.

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Eat Here, Not There: Cheesecake
Although we love the small guys, we’re not above admitting fast-food likes—but we always like to recommend an indie place that’s better. In this Oct. 29 post, here’s Dave on—you guessed it!—cheesecake:

Quick, think of a place in OC to get cheesecake, but don’t tell me what it is yet. I’m psychic, and I can probably guess. Does it end in “actory”? I bet it does for most of you. So successful is the branding of the Cheesecake Factory that many people would be hard-pressed to name another restaurant that serves cheesecake. Now, my uncles ran a cheesecake shop and deli in central New Jersey. I know what good cheesecake is, and I am going to lose some food-snob points here by saying that the Cheesecake Factory actually makes pretty decent cheesecake. Junior’s of Brooklyn it ain’t, but you could do far, far worse.

This article appeared in print as "Cursed Tustin Restaurant Locations, Thin-Skinned Rick Bayless and More! Nine great posts (and one great slideshow) you might’ve missed from our Stick a Fork In It blog."

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