Lost At the Chateau Marmont

From party girl to Oscar winner, Sofia Coppola's journey to 'Somewhere'

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With no permanent residence in LA, Coppola and Mars and their kids have been living at the Chateau Marmont while Coppola promotes Somewhere. Despite the hotel’s reputation, they’re not the odd domestic unit at the bacchanal; a fashion-industry friend of Coppola’s who also has a baby daughter has been living here with her family for the past six months. “It’s been fun,” Coppola says, with genuine enthusiasm, in full mom mode and apparently loving it.

But change is in the air. In a few days, Coppola and family will head up to Napa for Christmas. After that, she’ll start to think about her next project. In an echo of her film’s highly symbolic ending, she tells me she’s just let go of one major tie to LA. “I had an old Jaguar, and I recently sold it,” she says, wistfully. “I love cars, and I miss that part of LA, driving around. I had it for, like, 10 years, but it was just sitting in a garage.”

Is it a sign that she’s decisively put Los Angeles in her rearview mirror, so to speak? If so, she isn’t letting go completely. She smiles, almost conspiratorially.

“I sold it to a friend.”

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