Long Beach Medical-Marijuana Activists Sue the City

Anthony Gayle and Ryan Pack hope to make the city dismantle its cannabis-collective law

“Tens of thousands of patients in Long Beach do not have access to their medication because Long Beach hasn’t issued a single permit to a patient group,” Pappas argues. “The city isn’t trying to create legislation that helps patients, but rather to close all patient collectives in the city.” Pappas adds that he doesn’t personally use marijuana. “But if a person I care about is stricken with cancer, glaucoma, AIDS or a serious disability, that person should not be worrying about city laws that are really designed to close patient groups. . . . Right now—at this very moment—there are patients with cancer or other serious diseases who are facing death.”


Curt Merlo

This article appeared in print as "Blunt Force: Long Beach pot activists sue the city to dismantle its onerous cannabis- collective ordinance."

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