Lynsie Ekelund's Accused Killer Awaits Arraignment

Chris McAmis confessed to murdering the Fullerton College student in 2001. Their families now try to come to grips with the news

McAmis is being held without bail at the Men’s Central Jail in Los Angeles. According to Steve Whitmore of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, he is being treated as a “keep away” and has been isolated from the prison’s general population. An arraignment is scheduled at the Whittier courthouse for Nov. 30.

Three days before the unearthing of the remains, Kim expressed uncertainty in what the future held for her family. Chris was the one who stayed home with the kids while she worked, she said. “He’s a good husband and a good father. This is a big shock for me.”

Photo illustration by Laila Derakhshanian

This article appeared in print as "Buried Secrets: Chris McAmis recently confessed to murdering Fullerton College student Lynsie Ekelund in 2001. Their families try to come to grips with the news."

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