OC's Scariest People

Crypt from the headlines, here are our annual 31 flavors of fiendishness

The 62-year-old Anaheim cop serves as a cautionary tale against attempting something like Arizona’s immigration legislation. Wagner pleaded guilty last May to sexually battering a Latina grandmother in 2005. The Orange County district attorney’s office claimed Wagner pulled the undocumented woman over late one night as she left work and threatened her with deportation unless she sexually gratified him. He told her to follow him to a darkened industrial park and forced her to perform oral sex on him with such force she required dental work afterward. After the case received national attention, two other women came forward with similar stories of sexual intimidation. Though the disgraced Wagner confessed to multiple charges, he has since recanted his plea, claiming he was high on drugs during his admissions.
Still not as evil as Joe Arpaio.

When it came time to make overtures to Latino voters, what did California Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman do? Attend a rally for striking workers? Pledge to support undocumented college students? Sit down with church leaders? ¡No manches! Instead, Whitman joined her fellow millionaire candidate, Senate hopeful Carly Fiorina, in Newport Beach and downed a tequila shot to the roar of the Hispanic 100, a GOP group for Latinos that’s about as down for la raza as Lou Dobbs. Meanwhile, Whitman’s downtown Santa Ana campaign office is busy only when protestors stand outside, asking her to leave the most Mexican big city in America.
MITIGATING FACTOR: At least she didn’t put on a sombrero.

Famous/infamous for repping Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, Barry Zito, Manny Ramirez and many more top major leaguers, the Newport Beach multimillionaire agent certainly scares the beejesus out of baseball owners sitting on the other side of the negotiating table. Boras has been credited with being bad for baseball, worse than even wild-card teams, the designated hitter and steroids—a controversy that, coincidentally, many players in the Boras fold have gotten caught up in. But it’s one thing to screw over millionaires; it’s another to be a jerk. In August, details emerged of a disabled general building contractor—who lost his home and now works as an apartment manager—finding and returning Boras’ passport, cell phone and wallet containing $2,300. Good thing he expected nothing in return because that’s apparently what he got.
Anything that makes baseball owners cringe is a good thing, right?

Jim Rugg
Jim Rugg

Back in 1995, the 46-year-old Fullerton man pleaded guilty to nine counts of committing lewd and lascivious acts on minors in Orange and Los Angeles counties. You’d think Biby would straighten up, fly right and spend his days on, but no! In March, during a routine probation search, investigators found hundreds of thousands of child-porn images in his home, how-to books for interested pedophiles, dozens of library cards, even Chuck E. Cheese’s tokens, which he allegedly used as lures. Biby is currently being held on $1 million bail and faces 25 years to life if convicted.
MITIGATING FACTOR: Prisoners don’t like kiddie diddlers.

The Orange County Superior Court justice has repeatedly made headlines during his tenure for all the wrong reasons, whether sentencing a convict with a poem, or sending an innocent man to prison before even allowing him a trial by jury, or having multiple decisions overturned by higher courts. The latter is what happened in June, when the California Court of Appeals blasted Fitzgerald for a deal he cut with an armed-robbery suspect over the objections of Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas. The three-judge panel called Fitzgerald’s actions “unauthorized.”
MITIGATING FACTOR: Fitzgerald’s many bumblings would make a great episode for the new series Law & Order: Los Angeles.

This Coto de Caza resident made national headlines in 2008 when he and other Turkish businessmen held a fund-raiser in OC for the opponent of Pasadena-area Congressman Adam Schiff. The Democrat has long tried to pass a resolution asking the American government to acknowledge the mass slaughter of Armenians by the Ottoman Empire in the early part of the 20th Century as a genocide—a historical reality accepted by mainstream historians and civilized countries but dismissed as anti-Turkish propaganda by Kirlikovali and his ilk. As a columnist for the Southern California website, Kirlikovali frequently ridicules the Armenian genocide’s victims as treasonous, whiny ingrates and maintains it was Turks who were the victims of the Armenians, not the other way around. “Deception, fraud, lies . . . should give any fair-minded American a clue about the Armenian psyche,” Kirlikovali wrote recently, while also referring to a group of Armenians as “gold-chain wearing, hairy and smelly.”
The picture for Kirlikovali’s column shows him wearing an Anaheim Angels hat.

Previous highlights in McManus’ law-enforcement career include shooting an unarmed man who had driven to the Crystal Cathedral’s parking lot to give his mother some money, breaking a suspect’s jaw by slamming him on the sidewalk, and roughing up a domestic-violence victim who called 911 only to have McManus violently drag her out of her home in handcuffs before realizing his mistake. The Anaheim police officer resurfaced a few months ago, when a motorist sued him for his conduct during a drug-surveillance operation. McManus and other cop witnesses stated the plaintiff refused to stop when McManus used his own car as a roadblock, but the one non-uniformed witness to the collision (a nearby resident) claims McManus intentionally rammed the other car for no reason.
MITIGATING FACTOR: Cops do shit like that in the movies all the time.

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