Bridging the Gap Opening Reception

Santa Ana College Arts Gallery

Artist communities exist throughout our landscape, though many of us, even those who frequent art walks, don’t always realize that just around the corner there may be a whole new world of visual discovery awaiting us. Curator Phil Marquez is determined to help us mine for these creative treasures and has pulled together top-notch artists from both the Santa Ana and Pomona Arts colonies to illustrate. Cheryl Bookout’s exceptional, twisty iconography series is a must-see and Father Bill Moore’s stark, waxy abstractions might just get you spiritual. Randy Au’s wildly pleasing ceramic sculptures are certain eye candy, and Janice Lowry’s assemblages are a hoot and a holler. Other artists featured include Juan Thorp, Matt Southgate and Margie Zuliani.
Sat., Oct. 2, 7 p.m., 2010
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