Will the Real Todd Spitzer Please Stand Up?

[Moxley Confidential] The ex-prosecutor assumed he'd take over the DA's office but gets booted first

“Todd has changed,” she said then. “He’s become a Christian”—he was Jewish—“and he finally understands why so many people didn’t like him before. I’m willing to give him a second chance.”

For Spitzer, joining Rackauckas and the Schroeders wasn’t selling out to the dark side. But he no longer wanted to talk about allegedly corrupting elements that hadn’t left the DA’s office. In fact, he celebrated Susan Schroeder as a moody but decent person. “She’s a friend,” he told me last year. The Schroeders confirm that Spitzer has been a frequent, regular caller for advice, even in recent weeks.

So let’s recap Spitzer’s stances: In 2004, the Schroeders are evil folks wrecking the DA’s office, and Rackauckas is a gullible moron. In 2008, the Schroeders are wonderful people who’ve kindly helped him get a high-ranking prosecutor’s job, and Rackauckas is his trusty mentor. In 2010, he’s fired, and the Schroeders are once again satanic and the DA their moronic puppet.

Tony Rackauckas with Susan Kang Schroeder
Beth Stirnaman
Tony Rackauckas with Susan Kang Schroeder
Todd Spitzer
OC Weekly file photo
Todd Spitzer

I know all the parties in this affair and can safely report that Rackauckas hasn’t changed. Love them or hate them, the Schroeders haven’t changed. The only person who seems to have changed—or is continually changing—is Spitzer, which is sad because he has portrayed himself as an unblemished government reformer more than any other OC candidate for 15 years.

Perhaps Spitzer is right that the Schroeders brought him into the DA’s office to prevent him from using his $1 million campaign fund to challenge Rackauckas in 2010, and then axed him after the June election. Perhaps Susan Schroeder has already chosen the blood-red drapes she’ll hang in the office when she’s DA. But there’s no doubt Spitzer has undermined his stature.

Spitzer told KFI he’d returned to the DA’s office “with my eyes wide open,” but was it really with a self-serving wink? It looks as if he was willing to stop crying corruption in exchange for a well-paying deputy DA job. Or, alternatively, he was a crafty troublemaker who parlayed false, sensational criticisms into a well-paying deputy DA job. Whichever version is right, a question arises: How many times is Spitzer allowed to flip-flop?

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