First a Victory, Now a War

Same-sex marriage supporters and detractors react to Proposition 8 ruling, what happens next

While the actions taken by both sides have been largely legal, at least one person is concerned about an all-too-real hostile retaliation.

As Geoff Maddox, founder of the website Hate Crime, said at the rally, “When Prop. 8 went on the ballot, people got upset. . . . As exciting as it is, and as great as it makes you feel, it’s also extremely important to be vigilant.”

Marc Solomon, marriage director of Equality California, has hope that Walker’s ruling only encourages the LGBT community. “My greatest hope out of what happened [with the ruling] is that it creates momentum for us,” he said. “It shows us that the work we are all doing collectively brought about this win and it energizes us to tell more stories, to do more of the work, to activate us.”

From the Long Beach love-fest
Mary Bell
From the Long Beach love-fest

Intern Kevin Short contributed to this article.

This article appeared in print as "Eyes On the Prize: Same-sex marriage supporters celebrate a victory, prepare for the war."

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