A Stunner From Sheriff Hutchens

[Moxley Confidential] Documents reveal she found a deputy Taser incident to be absolutely shocking

Hunt made his best showing in San Clemente, where he’d once served as police chief. He lost there by fewer than 200 votes out of the almost 11,000 cast.

Hunter’s best performance wasn’t in Anaheim, where he works. Hutchens almost doubled his tally there. In Yorba Linda, where he resides, Hunter finished in second place—2,200 votes shy of the sheriff.

In cities with large voting blocs—Newport Beach, Irvine, Huntington Beach, Garden Grove, Fullerton and Santa Ana—Hutchens, who campaigned as a reformer in the wake of ex-Sheriff Mike Carona’s corruption, trounced her opponents.

Hutchens lays down the law
John Gilhooley
Hutchens lays down the law


A California court of appeal has handed a proposed Stanton strip club a victory over city officials and a Christian church, which a three-justice panel decided had conspired to block the adult business from gaining a license to operate a no-booze, nude-female dance club.

The City of Stanton has a regulation that prevents adult businesses from operating within 300 feet of a religious institution. In this case, though, the church didn’t exist when Musa Madain, the owner of the proposed Avalon Show Girls, began filing the necessary paperwork to obtain a license in December 2008. Evidence also showed that city officials stalled accepting Madain’s adult-business application, and then secretly notified officials at Branches Christian Church, which then filed an application to occupy a location feet away from the proposed strip club. The city ignored Madain’s cries of unequal treatment and approved the church’s application, a move Superior Court Judge David R. Chaffee later sanctioned after Madain filed a lawsuit.

But, according to a June 23 opinion written by Republican Justice William Bedsworth, the goal of city regulations “is to prevent any manipulation of the [licensing] process.” Bedsworth, along with two colleagues on the state appellate court, concluded that the city “had manipulated events” to give the church’s application an unfair advantage.

The appellate court ordered the case back to the lower court, which will now have to treat Madain fairly.

This column appeared in print as "Sheriff Hutchens’ Stunner: OC’s top cop wants to punish deputies after Tasing incident."


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