From Dusk Till Dawn

Art Theatre

Remember when vampire movies were actually good? We long for the days when directors allowed satanic, sharp-toothed bat creatures to explode, splatter and disintegrative when exposed to sunlight instead of sparkle like pale fairies. Back in 1996, way before the first Twilight novel was ever written, a young(er) Quentin Tarantino wrote one of the ballsiest, sexiest, blood-sucking films ever made. And though From Dusk Till Dawn (directed by Robert Rodriguez) never really got all the credit it deserved upon release, it proves two very important truths: A) vampires and strip clubs always mix and B) heart throb George Clooney is more than capable of kicking ass when he wants to. This weekend, the Art Theatre resurrects this horror classic for connoisseurs of gun flicks and gore with a special midnight screening.
Sat., June 19, 11:20 p.m., 2010
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