Ten Sports You Can Play With a Beer in Your Hand

[Summer Guide] Neither mandatory nor helpful to your performance, a little hops can definitely enhance the sporting experience

So, you take some heavy, curved metal things and throw them at sticks. What a perfect game to play with a beer in your hand! Though the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association of America takes the game a bit more seriously, horseshoes is a great backyard side attraction to the main event (which is drinking—it’s always drinking) that you can set up practically anywhere—like that ugly dirt patch alongside the garage. Get the horseshoe around the stick, and score some points—hell, get the horseshoe close to the stick, and that’s cool, too. It’s a perfect game to play if you’re blitzed—or just like throwing stuff at other stuff. (ED)

Okay, so it may not be as much of a sport as some of the others here, but you can’t deny it’s a physical activity. You sit on a block of ice and slide down a hill. It sounds simple, but if you’re going to sneak into a park at night, risk running headfirst into a tree or freezing your ass to a block of ice, we sincerely hope there’s alcohol involved—some say holding a beer in one hand helps keep your balance. (ED)

Yep, the sport of royalty is still around, with scores of lawn-bowling clubs scattered across the country, including five in Orange County. Since you only need one hand to toss the ball, which only weighs about 3 pounds, you’ve got a free hand. And the choice is yours: You can cradle the ball with your free hand in order for a more accurate toss, or you can hold a can or bottle of liquid courage in it, which won’t help you play any better but might make you forget that you’re actually being quite serious about playing one of the least-serious games ever invented. (JB)

Pool is one of those games that’s usually bet upon by its players. And, well, drinking while betting money on your skill and exactitude can be tricky business. And keeping a beer in your hand? Well, that’s what the side of the pool table is for—don’t try to shoot one-handed, stupid! You’ll only set your beer down for two seconds. Promise. But here’s an old trick we’d like to hand down (Paul’s Cocktails in Orange is a great place to do this): Start the night off by horsing around with your buddies, playing worse than usual on purpose—and fer chrissakes, lay off the shots if you’re going to try to pull this off. Then, after the pool hounds have seen your inept talents, invite one to a friendly game with a friendly bet, and—what’s that? What’d you call my shot? A Viking? Is that a good thing? (ED)

Nothing better than posting up in right field during a casual softball game and pounding a few Mickeys while everybody else huffs and puffs. Laugh at all the crowers running and scooping up grounders and chasing down flies in short left. Smile at the guy smacking his bat into the ground for whiffing at a third strike. Just kick back, enjoy the cool night air, and bask in the realization that life is so—hold on, there’s a line drive screaming toward your mug! (JB)

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