His Brother's Keeper

How the Internet brought together two half-brothers for the first time

“So, when I told friends about finding Ron, they’d say, ‘I thought you didn’t have any siblings.’ And I’d have to tell them the whole story,” he says. “But they are all super-excited.”

That’s exactly how Ron describes the reaction of his friends in Kingman.

“It’s like a reality-television type of thing,” he says. “Everyone is so happy for me, happy for the whole situation. My best friend Keight added Ryan as a friend on MySpace.”

Jeanne Rice
Ryan and Ron set out for life together
Jeanne Rice
Ryan and Ron set out for life together

He now believes being with his brother “was meant to be.”

“It’s like something clicked inside me,” Ron says. “I might have been okay not knowing him, but I do not want to go back to the way it was.”

The highlight for Rice was a quiet moment, when she sneaked a peek into Ryan’s room while he was doing homework and Ron was snoozing away on the bed.

“I had a big smile on my face, and Ryan looked up and caught sight of me, and he just knew,” Rice says. “We never thought this would happen. Ryan wanted it so bad. I felt like this piece of the puzzle was missing. It felt like our family came together, and it was definitely meant to be.”

*     *     *

Ryan thought he would be working as Rice and Frederickson dropped Ron off at the bus station for the return trip to Kingman. But he unexpectedly got off early, joined his brother for one last Mexican-food meal and got to go to the station to say goodbye.

But that is not our brotherly tale’s final twist. This is: Two years before Deena gave birth to Ron, she had a girl with Ron and Ryan’s father. That baby was put up for adoption.

Ron and Ryan are talking about looking for her.

“Definitely, at some point,” Ryan says, “that will be something we will pursue.”

Keep those MySpace accounts current, boys.

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This article was published in print as "Found In Space: For his 20th birthday, Ryan Lane got a present he’d been wanting his whole life: Ron Lane."

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