Loretta Sanchez Says Vietnam's Rulers Are Pimps

[Moxley Confidential] The OC congresswoman's tough stance on human trafficking should play well in Little Saigon

“For every victim we find [in OC], there are probably hundreds more we may never find working in sweatshops or being used in sex exploitation,” said Sanchez, who noted that even in a wealthy enclave such as Irvine, authorities found a young Egyptian slave working for a family. “Why should we care? Because it makes each one of us less human when this happens.”

She called for more citizen vigilance, saying, “Unless we get more proactive in our communities, looking for signs of someone who is a victim, most of these trafficking cases will never be caught. People need to look and say to themselves, ‘Geez, that woman doesn’t seem to have any freedom of movement at all. She seems locked up in her house.’ If that’s so, call the hotline, and they will investigate.”

The congresswoman’s attention to the issue won admiration in the crowd.

“Loretta Sanchez has been a great advocate for us,” said Tammy Tran, president of the grassroots Vietnamese Alliance to Combat Human Trafficking.


This column appeared in print as "Putting the Ho In Ho Chi Minh: Representative Loretta Sanchez says Vietnam’s communist rulers are pimps."

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