Prosecuting a Prosecutor

[Moxley Confidential] A domestic-violence case pits federal, state and local prosecutors against one another

After an arrest, law-enforcement officials throughout the criminal-justice system nearly always fall into lockstep to win a conviction. But the case of People v. Mani Dabiri might just be unique. Prosecutors at every level—federal, state and local—have angrily disagreed with one another over the matter, with each side accusing the other of unethical behavior.

At the center of the case is Dabiri, who was a well-regarded, 30-year-old, up-and-coming assistant United States Attorney based in Santa Ana—until March 2009, when sheriff’s deputies arrested the Ladera Ranch resident on domestic-violence charges. His friends—and there are many—insist Dabiri wasn’t the perpetrator.

“I can tell you 100 percent that Mani was the victim here,” said one attorney familiar with the case, echoing the opinion of several sources. “He’s a great guy who unfortunately was involved with someone who is a mess. He should have never been prosecuted. It’s outrageous.”

Michael Villegas

Despite that sentiment, Department of Justice honchos in Washington, D.C., didn’t wait for the criminal case to play out: After his arrest, Dabiri lost his dream job. His allies are furious because they say his life has been turned upside-down, even though he was legally vindicated. This month, a jury of nine men and three women at the Fullerton courthouse found him not guilty on three counts and hung, 6-6, on a misdemeanor battery charge.

But the matter is more complicated because there’s a belief inside the state Attorney General’s office that a prosecutor with the Orange County district attorney’s office tried to sabotage the case.

Deputy District Attorney Shaddi Kamiabipour has a personal connection with Dabiri. Kamiabipour’s younger brother is a close friend of Dabiri’s, and their mothers are also close.

One day after Dabiri’s arrest, Kamiabipour—who works major fraud cases—sent an e-mail to her colleagues in the DA’s Family Protection bureau. This unit has the responsibility to decide if criminal charges are warranted in domestic-violence cases and, if so, whether they should be felonies or misdemeanors. Usually, a deputy DA relies almost exclusively on a police report to make such decisions.

In her e-mail to Deputy DA Heidi Garrel, which I obtained, Kamiabipour offered her own views about the case and Dabiri. She defended Dabiri’s character at length—especially noting his calm demeanor and outstanding scholarship at USC and UCLA. She also blamed Dabiri’s fiancee for the fight, claimed the woman had attacked her friend and that—other than “putting her in a headlock to calm her down”—he did not touch her as she “trashed” his condo and attempted to commit suicide by swallowing a handful of over-the-counter sleeping pills. The fiancee’s injuries—which included a scratch and redness on her neck and a bruise on her knee—had been self-inflicted, Kamiabipour said, giving this explanation: “During a 1.5-hour fight, she was destructive, and she tried to hurt herself by hitting herself in the head and chest areas.

“I really appreciate your assistance in looking out for this filing,” Kamiabipour wrote to Garrel. “Please let me know what you decide to do.”

According to multiple sources inside the DA’s office, the e-mail contact violated prosecutorial ethics. I have been told it compounded concerns that Kamiabipour also communicated with the alleged victim, telling her not to contact prosecutors with her version of events. “I didn’t talk to [Jane Doe] personally,” Kamiabipour wrote in her e-mail to Garrel, “but I passed on a message to her that she should stay put and not to try to contact you or the DA’s office.”

These acts “left our office no choice but to kick the case” to the AG’s office “to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest,” said Susan Kang Schroeder, media-affairs counsel to DA Tony Rackauckas.

The case landed on the desk of Deputy AG Natasha Cortina, who eventually wrote the following summary based largely on a sheriff’s department incident report: Jane Doe, the fiancee, pushed over a vase containing daffodils during the March 29, 2009, argument with Dabiri about their relationship. In response, the federal prosecutor “completely snapped,” according to Cortina.

“[Dabiri] ran over to Jane Doe, grabbed her by the throat, pushed her against a wall and started to strangle her pretty hard,” Cortina wrote in court documents. “The defendant squeezed Jane Doe’s neck to the point where her breathing was compromised. She couldn’t talk, and she was scared. His face was inches from hers. All the while, the defendant yelled at Jane Doe.”

After about 15 seconds of squeezing Doe’s throat, Dabiri “let go” and began calling his fiancee “a piece of shit,” according to Cortina. “For the next 20 minutes, while Doe sat on the floor crying, the defendant spat on her twice.”

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As an attorney, I find it reprehensible that this occured. Even if no legal rule was actually violated, the air of impropriety is astounding. Trying to influence the DA in any regard with whether they decide to bring charges is despicable and should only be done through the proper channels of an investigation, not through efforts to sway their decisionmaking.Both individuals should be sanctioned by the Bar and I am happy that Da Biri lost his job and is currently per the Bar still unemployed. Hopefully, he loses his license someday as well.


Dabiri should lose his law license; Kamiabipour too. MUD SLIME


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Upset, you bet that I am, but I still remain as a homeowner trapped inside of my own home, as the park Attys, managers, and board members sent out letters, memos, and even announced to the entire residency at the two meetings I attended with my attorneys, that " Beardslee and Eicherly are not legal members, have no right to vote in any association matters and have no right to attend these meetings but the law has told us that we cannot physically remove them from any park meeting... If you have any suggestions, I am certainly open and willing to do all that I can to stop this two hundred million dollar scam... I learned last year that the self appointed board president who served and I use the term serve, with great hesitation, has not paid her so called $1330 monthly assessment since she single handedly " and without any notice or vote of a single homeowner, personally managed to obtain the park incorporation and purchase agreements, even before a single homeowner knew what she was doing." This insidious statement was made to a local reporter who actually published her bragging and self-incriminating remarks in the newspaper article he wrote about their interview… Now, she is allegedly being evicted by those who self-appointed they into office, in her stead…. We also learned that Barbara Jean Wiley, the former assoc. pres, and Armand Camelot who served simultaneously with Wiley and the board managed to remove with the "written and documented approval of the unanimous board members" who later declined all knowledge of the scam which they wrote a memo to the scammers "telling them the board members voted unanimously to approve the transfers of the current drafts of $135,000 and additional $300,000 plus funds in the investment opportunity " this unlicensed, Florida scam artists, managed to conspire with the association members, park MANAGERS, WHO SENT LETTERS "DEMANDING COMPLETE SECRECY FROM ALL RESIDENTS OF THE INVESTMENT TRANSACTIONS", as they managed to embezzle and or convert a reported $135,000 in cash monies for one of their unreported and never allowed a resident to vote on, investment scams… None of the monies and none of the conspirators have received a single police contact for their alleged wrongs, which I have written documents to support my every allegation... Guess what, some of the letters and correspondence is from the very letter heads of Stan Feldsott, Lew, and Gregory Beam, who sent the park board members and managers threats of "criminal and civil prosecution for their many abuses of homeowners and unlawful takings of homes", eventually joined forces of the lucrative park bank accounts as the board members were smart enough to hire the Attys who vigorously opposed them just last year in proceedings where Beam represented the 'PARK PRIDE" GROUP, which was a large body of homeowners who wanted to stop their homes from being converted and our monies unlawfully wasted by the powers in charge… These individual attorneys, board members, and others, jointly, severally, and as individuals all actively and maliciously represented these scoundrels as they continue to abuse the civil process, torture and steal from disabled senior citizens, and have yet to receive any demand for restitution of the funds which they admittedly scammed from the entire park…… I am the only homeowner who stands up to these scoundrels who rule like the notorious rulers of past, including Sudan and Hitler, among many others to name but a few… Their KKK like meetings shocks the conscience off any normal person, and will surely shock the conscience of a jury of their peers, if they are ever brought to task for their continued wrongs against me, my daughter and many others...They reportedly had another meeting and silent vote, which excluded me of course, to vote again for the "subdivision of the park allowing the association to again reassess every homeowner at the current market value" determined by those without privities in the association board membership, who readily and unconstitutionally evict one legal resident after another... They do not allow "blacks, Mexicans, Iranians, and other unwanted persons including gay and or lesbians" to own in this park... There has never been even one of these races since my residency began when my father and I paid over a hundred thousand dollars cash monies for his home here in 1997 to buy into the park... I was in the pool a few years ago when Colin Cline ordered a Beautiful woman of color with her two well behaved children to leave the pool and the park because they were not with an owner in the park.." sic.. I immediately defended the frightened and embarrassed woman and her two small children and told Cline "they are with me and I will watch that nothing happens while they are in the pool."" He would not let it go and ordered her out.... The Clines pick up fliers that I sent to all homeowners as I had several women friends from my church assist in their distribution to all homes in the park... Colin and Linda, and Jean Wiley, and three other park residents openly stole all of the clearly marked "legal documents" from every home. These vigilantes then threatened and intimidated those who or told those who managed to pick up our 60 page packages of sealed legal documents, clearly marked as such. The residents, who came out when they heard us drop them on their decks or in other property containers, that "you do not need those so give them to me you are not supposed to have those..." He threatened four homeowners who came to me after their neighbor shined a very bright light directly into their bedroom for days on end keeping them awake all night that "if you disassociate yourself with Beardslee these problems for you will most likely cease..." These same residents Chuck and Aggie Haswirth's, had other acts of vandalism on their car and property that is well confined to a dead end street that would be easy to spot a non-homeowner intruder, which they reported to the local police, and guess what our fearless defenders told these 70 plus year old seniors? "We do not believe you because the park manager said that you make things up to get him into trouble," and again refused to prosecute... All of these persons testified in my 2007 hearings, and paid with open discriminations, abuse, and police officers unwilling to assist...I was a self-made millionaire several times over, and my daughter was a self-made millionaire in her own realm and we are both highly educated and severely disabled. My son enjoys the millions that he made on his own as a major player in the car industry, but he is not willing to share it with those less fortunate, including his late sister and me. It is easy for a child prodigy to become forever tainted and prejudiced against those persons that he loves the most after watching helplessly as they are taken from him and finding him powerless to help… He paid one atty in San Francisco nearly a hundred thousand dollars to represent me immediately after I obtained early release from prison in2005... The attorney Harold Rosenthal, absconded with the entire pot of gold and filed ineffective two or three page petitions for his 2255 petition that were quickly denied by my trial atty… I filed several prose petitions to the district court and circuit court, which were all readily granted… In spite of my court successes, after turning the matters over to attorneys because of my physical disabilities and mental depression which causes me great lack of confidence in my own ability to try my own case, I find myself back to the dugout again, and a new atty and petition must transpire or I will surely be ordered back to prison to pay another unlawful 18 months of an 87 month sentence.I have major heart disease requiring a triple bypass, and endured two spinal surgeries in last two years where nine of my spinal discs were removed and titanium rods, screws, and plates placed in their stead… I have a laundry list of physical ailments, which often prove unbearable, but in spite of all of this, I long for a respected job and position of my past years... I am a proved accomplished appellate lawyer, although remain unlicensed by the bar since I surrendered almost immediately after graduating from law school, but find it difficult to seek employment with all of this handing over me…This must not continue without resolution and punishment for the abusers... Please help me and help us all>>> Thank you,Jerri Beardslee, JD, MBA, Retired Real Estate Broker, Retired Notary Public, Retired Wholesale Beer and Beverage distributor, among other major personal, business, and political accomplishments and unfair judgments, abuse of processes and prosecutions , and a "murdered daughter" who deserved so much more...


I feel like your post lacked details and wasnt long enough...