It's Bring Your Invisible Friend to Work Day!

[Hey, You!] The case of the Christ-bot boss

You were my boss, a Christian Fundamentalist. Not only do I not believe in any gods (the Christian one or others), but I also don’t want you to tell me about his plan for you. This is the workplace, you Christ-bot, and I report to you. You decide whether I get a raise or not, whether my family can have a better standard of living. In short, I have a vested interest in refraining from telling you that I think adults with invisible friends are stupid. Telling you your core beliefs are ridiculous and unfounded might just mean I don’t get a good raise this year. Keeping the Bible on your desk and quoting from it regularly does nothing but make me think you are an obvious imbecile who has never read any more than the “good parts.” So keep your superstitious nonsense to yourself at the workplace because not everyone shares your love of the invisible. Many people consider the invisible and nonexistent very similar.

Matt Bors

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