Bad-Ass Roller Derby Dames and Beautiful Burlesque Babes Do Sexy Right

[Sex Issue] Getting down with Dizzy Von Damn!, Brik Wall, Dia Blow, Kimberlee Rose, Disco Dervish and More

HEELS! Origin: A proper British equestrian lady. Status: Founder, OC Underground Burlesque Society. Bestmove: The Booty Drop. Best routine: “Snow White biting into the apple and falling under a spell of crazed sexuality, writhing all over the stage.” Favorite prop: Sparkly Union Jack pasties—“a real pain in the ass to make.” Celebrity crush: French actress Eva Green. Would attempt roller derby if . . . she could skate and wasn’t a wuss.

WHEELS! Origin: Austin Powers fembot. Status: Fresh meat—first bout last September with the Crash Test Bunnies. Favorite uniform: Fishnets, thigh-high socks, garters and a mini derby skirt. Feelings about love: Owns a T-shirt that reads, “Cupid is a Rat Bastard.” Perfect derby night: “Make the winning score after knocking someone into the announcers’ table and walk out with my fishnets unripped.” Perfect Valentine’s Day gift: Heritage Softail Harley-Davidson. Best reply to a pick-up line: “I once told a guy I was a female impersonator. He didn’t believe me, so I pointed at my feet, and he ran off. My size 10s saved me.” Sexiest food: A Carl’s Jr. Western Bacon Cheeseburger—“if you can eat it while riding a mechanical bull.” Turn-off: Guys who don’t “manscape.”

Brik Wall and Dizzy Von Damn!: That's how they role
Jennie Warren
Brik Wall and Dizzy Von Damn!: That's how they role

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