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When asked to comment about his involvement with Abel Food and if he had any idea who might have embezzled hundreds of thousands of missing dollars, Mayor Pulido called those potential questions “legal matters,” and had Charles McClung, his personal lawyer, respond. According to McClung, there is no story here. He says Pulido got involved in this “convoluted . . . complicated” situation solely because he’s a mayor concerned about enhancing local business opportunities.

“The mayor and his father have known Abel Salazar for years and years and years,” said McClung. “Miguel, the dad, is a business partner of Salazar’s. Miguel [the mayor] got involved in this in his consulting capacity. He’s worked with all the parties so that they have good business relations. Miguel is friends with everyone. He didn’t want them to fight.”

OC Weekly photo illustration
Mayor Miguel Pulido at OC's 2009 gala for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Christopher Victorio
Mayor Miguel Pulido at OC's 2009 gala for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

But did Pulido, who this year is asking voters for a ninth term as mayor, cross any ethical lines?

“Miguel has no stake in any of this stuff,” McClung said. “The mayor’s a glue type of person. He brings people together. He’s good at making peace and solving problems. That’s good for commerce and Santa Ana.”


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