It’s intriguing when you talk about character and storytelling ownership because, of course, you have created a body of work full of icons. There are 6-year-old boys who adore a 67-year-old man. You will always be Han Solo and Indiana Jones as long as there are 6-year-old boys.

The reason I’m still working is that succeeding generations of kids have been introduced by their parents to these films. The Star Wars films, the Indiana Jones films—they’re family films. As it becomes age-appropriate, parents are anxious to share their experiences with these films with their kids, and those kids become aware of who I am at a certain point. And that has been very, very good to me.

A doctor again, but no one-armed man this time
A doctor again, but no one-armed man this time

Extraordinary Measures was directed by Tom Vaughan; written by Robert Nelson Jacobs, based on the book The Cure by Geeta Anand; and stars Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser. Countywide.

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